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Angie’s List Review: LAWNLEADERS West Chester PA

LawnLeaders Lawn Mowing West Chester PA

Today I am veering away from my typical local restaurant reviews to review a lawn care/on demand lawn mowing company that really blew me away this past weekend. This is a copy of the original review I posted on Angie’s List. If you are looking for a new, exciting, and reliable lawn care company, and trust me there are few in this area, look no further. LawnLeaders in a nutshell is Uber BUT for lawn mowing! Seriously.. it’s that easy. Visit their website and in 60 seconds you book your lawn job, schedule it, and pay all within the same form!! You even receive text confirmation afterwards! The best part is this is on demand and there is NO contract!

This company really intrigued me and had me talking about it all week to my co workers because this is something you usually see out in San Francisco or somewhere more innovative not a small town like West Chester but I absolutely LOVE the convenience and ‘on demand’ aspect. Sometimes I randomly need lawn mowing done ASAP and this is clearly my new solution. I love how this company is disrupting a service industry that is usually slow, unreliable, and overpriced.

LawnLeaders Lawn Mowing West Chester PA

LawnLeader’s lawn mowing prices and services are per hour and very affordable. Their professionals are insured, certified, and reliable. I even had to reschedule my initial appointment because I had a last minute dentist emergency so I called their support number which apparently is their CEO’s DIRECT LINE! Their customer support is seriously on point and I will be using them all summer season.

Seriously, it takes a lot for me to actually find a new, exciting, and innovative company especially in a small town like West Chester but damn these guys are really making me optimistic about the West Chester Startup scene! Love it!

Their website:

If you want to check out their 60 second order form:

LawnLeaders Lawn Mowing West Chester PA

Angie’s List Review: LAWNLEADERS West Chester PA

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I recently had a work party for Halloween. Didn’t want to bring the normal chips and dip and tried to think out of the box. Came across this company based in my hometown, Phillydipped, where they make chocolate dipped creations … from  hand crafted and dipped Oreo’s to gourmet rice crispy treats! I only brought 2 dozen to work but wish I brought more! They were a huge hit by everyone! Everyone loved the crazy toppings they had from Reese’s Cups to mints and jimmies! They were fresh, unique and personalized! This company will make you love Oreo’s more, I’ve had dipped treats before but not like this. I’m always down to support a local company so I will definitely order from them again!


For any catering, delivery or holiday gift ideas go ahead and check out their official Facebook page! They are posting pictures daily of some of their menu items!


All photos are courtesy of Phillydipped’s official facebook page!

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Restaurant Review: The Whip Tavern

Best kept secret in Chester County! Came across this place after googling Irish/gastropub food for a place to go on st patricks day.  Nestled in the horse farms of Chester county, this little cottage is hands down a perfect place to go if looking for authentic English food. No reservations are accepted, they are closed on Tuesday but on a positive note the are BYOB! If you dont bring  your own, have no fear. They have a wide selection of draft and bottled beers. My favorite is a snakebite- Half Yager Half Cider. They have limited parking so I would get there early around 5 or later around 9ish.  Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, affordable fresh dishes. Lots of tv’s to watch soccer, horse racing or any local sports on. I have been to the Whip Tavern about 5 times- each time I am very pleased with the service and my meal.

rest fest pics 012

Sneak peak of the menu!

rest fest pics 013

My favorite appetizer- Welsh Rarebit…Melted irish cheeses with fresh toasted bread for dipping! Who doesn’t love melted cheese!!


Scotch Egg- Yes I know it does look very odd but the flavor is so distinct and delicious! Fried sausage wrapped in a hard boiled egg!

rest fest pics 014

My dinner- flakey, buttery, melt in your mouth fish and chips! The fish is fresh, not too overly fried or soggy.  And Yes they make there own steak fries! 🙂

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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Culinary Deliveries West Chester


 One of my favorite hometown pizza shops, Culinary Deliveries in West Chester PA! Culinary is known for their famous GOURMET WRAPS including the wackiest and craziest combinations you could ever imagine including the West Chester famous Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap, the Scrapple Wrapple wrap, Pull My Finger Wrap, and the All American Cheesesteak Wrap!


The Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap is a West Chester favorite. Oozing with warm honey mustard, delicious diced chicken, and savory mozzarella cheese. I love enjoying one of these and then crying myself to sleep because I just devoured 10,000 calories.  Every calorie is worth it though, trust me on that!


Where do I even start to describe one of Culinary’s most popular sandwiches dubbed “The BEAST”? The Beast is is LOADED with mozzarella sticks, french fries, mozzarella cheese, CHEESESTEAK meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions all toasted to absolute perfection in their massive ovens.  You haven’t lived until you tried this beast.

photo (2)

I must admit that I have a weakness for buffalo chicken ESPECIALLY in a warm toasted wrap. Easily my third favorite at Culinary.

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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Cupcakes & Coffee Bar!

Its my favorite thing when  a new restaurant opens up in Chester County. The newest addition to downtown West Chester is a cupcake and coffee bar featuring Dia Doce cupcakes and coffee from Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters ( also hand crafted smoothies, juices to go along with Dia Doce’s cupcakes)

Combining two delicious treats in one convenient location is like music to my ears. For those fans of Food Network, you might know Dia Doce as competitors and winners on the show Cupcake Wars.  For the last two years,  Dia Doce has been serving up their sweet treats from a vibrant green food truck and in small markets. But now you can get the tasty gourmet treats store front without following around their food truck!

rest fest pics 017

The shop will cater to those who want to relax for a moment at our cupcake bar
rest fest pics 016
Dia Doce has a family run garden in which many of her cupcakes are made from those fresh ingredients, therefore all of their cupcakes have no artificial flavors.  I loved the rustic feel that this place had.
rest fest pics 021
The hardest part…picking which cupcakes to buy in the end!  I ended up purchasing” Black Magic” that has chocolate cake filled with creamy vanilla bean cream and topped with decadent chocolate buttercream frosting and “White Velvet ” which was Moist vanilla cake filled with delicious chocolate fudge and topped with vanilla bean frosting
Both mouthwatering AMAZING! Check out Dia Doce for more awesome flavors if you are interested in purchasing some online
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RESTAURANT REVIEW: West Chester Restaurant Festival

Its the time were my hometown showcases its finest restaurants at the West Chester Restaurant Festival. (and definitely a place for foodie lovers to gather, like myself) Going on 34 years, this festival is a big attraction for all living in Chester County, PA, bringing more than 50  restaurants and food trucks from around the area.

The weather was not only gorgeous this year, but the different types of foods offered at this years festival surely impressed my stomach. Most dishes are about 5 bucks for a small portion. Some restaurants serve there most popular dishes or some will deliver new, specials specifically made for the festival. Festival goers vote throughout the day via text for the best appetizer and dessert. After walking the downtown streets of WC borough, you can relax while watching a culinary cook off battle between chefs.

This year I took many adventures in the food I tasted- everything from a simple gyro to a Koren Beef Taco. Here is a snap shop from some of the samplings I had this year!

rest fest pics 032

Gosh I love this day 🙂 Its like a food bloggers dream 🙂

rest fest pics 026

Rooftop view…I sure do love this town 🙂

rest fest pics 027

First up for the day…Shrimp and Corn Fritters with a Spicy Mayo From Pietro’s Prime Steakhouse

rest fest pics 033

Fresh Tomato Pie from Limencello’s Italian Restaurant. This is the hands down best Italian you will ever come upon in Chester County. Family owned, they bring the freshest and top quality to all of their dishes. At the end of your meal, enjoy a complimentary shot of limencello!

rest fest pics 035

Gyro ( my first ever) from Destarr’s …AMAZING! The meat was mouth watering, homemade tzatziki sauce, fresh tomatoes. SIMPLY AMAZING! Your typical greek brunch spot, just like in the movie my big fat greek wedding!

rest fest pics 042

Korean BBQ Taco from Ka Chi Food Truck… First experience having food from a food truck…talk about gourmet and like nothing I have had before. I finished this in no joke 30 seconds. Korean beef, red cabbage slaw with a spicy sauce.

rest fest pics 041

They are always on the go, so check out this PHENOMENAL food truck schedule to see where they might be next!

rest fest pics 038

Food selections for the day…couldnt decide between the tacos or the rice balls. Everything sounds so amazing!

rest fest pics 044

Chicken Kabob Platter from the Mediterranean Restaurant….Chicken Kabob with homemade hummus, pita, and tabouli.

If anyone ever ventures to West Chester, stop by the any of the 30 plus restaurants west Chester has to offer. Something for all ages, all eater and all appetites!  Just one of the reasons why I enjoy living in this town.


I recently just got back from a quick vacation to Orlando, FL which is why I took a little break from the blogging world. This was my first time going to Orlando. I was super excited to experience the roller coasters for the first time and try out the new Transformers 3D ride, but one thing I couldn’t hold my excitement for was the harry potter world and EPCOT. This posting is just to give you a snapshot of my favorite meals I had while in Orlando. With the amount of walking I did this trip in the parks I didn’t feel so bad eating these foods 🙂

First up, HARRY POTTER WORLD. Speechless, phenomenal, breathtaking are just a few words to describe this magical land. You don’t have to enjoy the movies or the books to get the full experience behind the Harry Potter World.  As I walked up to the entrance of Hogwarts, I literally had chills up and down my body. The architecture was perfectly replicated as if you were standing in the movie.

For Food, We stopped at ” Three Broomsticks” for a traditional English Breakfast. I am not a fan of many mixed foods on my plate but the flavors of the meats with the potatoes were delicious. The smokey sausage paired so well with the savory buttery potatoes and croissant roll. The eggs were fluffy and the stewed tomato had a Parmesan breadcrumb crust. Not sure what is in a full English breakfast, this website describes all the ingredients that compose of this meal.


Cant go to Harry Potter World, without a tasting of the famous Butter Beer. ( Sorry unfortunately there is no alcohol in it) But still has an amazing flavor. Hard to explain the flavor of this cold creamy drink and the true recipe has yet to be released but one can describe the flavor as butterscotch mixed with a shortbread cookie with the texture of a root beer float.


Next up is EPCOT. The land of countries where you need to go on an empty stomach because you will be tempted to eat something from every country. Epcot features a handful of countries from around the world and features dishes, crafts, restaurants, products and environment, just as though you were in that country.

GERMANY- For lunch we had brats and beers!



UNTIED KINGDOM- We stopped at a little english pub for some english cider ( Strongbow) and a classic Fish and Chips to share. The fish and chips were flaky, buttery and cooked to perfection. Went so well with a cold glass of cider.


FRANCE- One of the last stops we made was in France at a bakery for some french pastries and danishes. WOW. I couldn’t even decide which I wanted. I ended up getting a chocolate caramel tarte.



For any of my bloggers who have not experienced this place- PLEASE GO! Save up! You will not be disappointed. Just make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes because you will be walking for hours upon hours!  🙂

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Restaurant Review: Victory Brewing Company

 Conveniently located about 10 min outside of where I live, Victory Brewing has a Brewpub serving up quality sandwiches and entrees that pair well with all the beers they have on tap. Not sure what kind of beer to get- ask the server! They are very knowledgeable in the flavors and styles of each beer. Heads up dont expect any beer besides Victory, they do serve wine though.  Love the beer and want to take it home, you can in one of their Growlers!


The food was inexpensive, delicious and the portions were massive! Most of their menu items have a twist to them. They serve up your typical home style favorites but put their own spin on it. They use local ingredients in their entrees and pizza. I started out with the fries as an appetizer. It included three types of fries with a chiptole mayo dipping sauce.  Two thumbs up from me!


Next up I got ” The Diane” which had hickory smoked turkey, avocado aioli, white cheddar, roasted tomato spread, brioche! The smokey flavor from the meat tasted so well with the toasted bread. I added bacon to it for an extra 2 bucks!


If you are ever in the Philadelphia region, check out these other breweries in the area!

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Restaurant Review : Franzone’s

Question for you bloggers…What makes a pizza awesome? Is it the cheese? The dough? The sauce? The way its cooked? I wanna hear what you think!

I spent my summers at the jersey shore working and would often eat ” Mac and Manco Pizza” now called ” Manco and Manco” for literally lunch and dinner. It was cheap, cooked evenly throughout the pie, the perfect amount of cheese and definitely a jersey shore tradition. However, after summer was over I would find myself sad because there are not too many family owned, top quality little pizza shops in West Chester, PA… Until I drove 20 minutes, to a pizza shop called Franzone’s. Located in a small town called Bridgeport, 2 miles past King of Prussia, this place I definitely receives an A+ for the most unique tasting pizza I have had!

pics for blog 014

Franzones has a a dine in restaurant , take out beer and a pizza menu that will not disappoint. Philadelphia Magazine awarded Franzone’s “Best of Philly” and local sports radio voted this shop top ten for pizza in Philadelphia area. I now see why.

pics for blog 015

Franzone’s makes their fresh dough daily, which you can watch them make it in the window. The sauce is sweet which I have had nothing like it before- that is the secret. There is not too much sauce and its not thick and heavy, very smooth . There is a perfect amount of crust. They place the cheese down first then the sauce. I rarely eat more than one slice of pizza but when I had Frazones, I was able to eat 4, it was that good and addicting!  The picture does not do it justice, you will just have to try it out for yourself if anytime you are in this small town!

pics for blog 016

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Restaurant Review: Wyebrook Farm Cafe

My boyfriend discovered this breathtaking cafe and market located at Wyebrook Farm. It has a market where you can purchase the fresh ingredients made daily on the farm and a cafe where they have a selection of grass fed burgers and sandwiches and refreshing bloody marys and teas in mason jars! A plus, this cafe is BYO and offers live music! After you are finished eating lunch, take a tour of the farm on a hayride to why Chester County truly is beautiful! They sell the products of the farm from a historic barn on the farm so that the customers can see the animals and there farming practices. Not sure how to butcher meat, and want to learn a few extra tips in the kitchen, Wyebrook also offers cooking classes and private parties where Chefs from Philadelphia restaurants teach you the art of cooking!


Barn Converted Market where you can purchase meats, sauces, cheeses


Overlooking Wyebrook Farm


Fathers Day Menu. They do normally have other menu selections such as sliders, BBQ pulled pork, grilled cheese.


Enjoy your meal on a picnic bench, overlooking Chester County.


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade…the mason jar makes it more fun 🙂


 Burger Special- grass fed burger, fried egg, sliced ham, Cabot white cheddar cheese. Probably many calories but it was worth every bite! My stomach definitely left happy 🙂

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